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A comprehensive cover against cyber attack and data breach by a specialist insurer

We live in a brave new world where our data is now one of our most valuable assets.

The world is now so connected that we have ignored that old adage, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” As a result, if we now lose data or have it stolen, the consequences are often catastrophic.

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We arrange insurance that protects against:

  • Hacker damage – repair and replacement costs
  • Business interruption- loss of income, reputation damage after an attack
  • Technology supply chain failure – Extended cover for third party providers
  • Multimedia Liability- libel a third party in an email or use a photo online without permission

Risk Management

Stanhope Cooper believes that with great progress must come caution. In a new digital world, we need an equally adapted and digitalised legal and financial system. Insurance like many other professions is trying to catch up but it’s important we only make promises we can keep.

We make sure you have a practical amount of insurance cover with an insurer who specialises in cyber insurance, this now fashionable, but still fairly unknown field.

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