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This is essential insurance cover that protects, directors, officers and those with managerial responsibility from legal costs resulting from litigation that they may become personably liable for.

As a family business, you have no “corporate veil” to hide behind and this makes it easier for people to make allegations against you. Justified or Unfounded, it’s still expensive to deal with.

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No win no fee companies have also made it easier for potential claims to be made against you. The premiums are very modest given the potential exposure. We see this as prudent and essential protection for your business.

We arrange directors & officers liability insurance that covers:

  • The company and individuals
  • Personal asset protection for directors.
  • Employment practices and HR issues
  • Regulator or Government defence costs

Risk Management

It’s important that your directors and management team are aware of their responsibilities to employees. We can advise you on what internal procedures should be in place to minimise any potential claims made against individual directors or the company itself. A strong Risk Management programme will also help reduce the premium.

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