Cool Claims

Stanhope Cooper's Insurance Claim Success Stories

Cool Claims

Would your broker fight your corner in the same way?

When you buy an insurance policy with Stanhope Cooper, you are buying into a promise from us, that the insurance company we have recommended will settle a
fairly and efficiently.

 At Stanhope Cooper, our claims concierge helps you get back what you have lost and  sometimes a bit more than that! 

That’s pretty cool.

Success stories

  • During an inspection and valuation at the London home of our client, a rather substantial fissure was detected inside the Burmese sapphire. The client had no idea how this had…

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  • In the run up to Christmas, our client suffered from a traumatic aggravated burglary whilst at home and 4.25 million pounds worth of jewellery was taken from the safe. Unfortunately…

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  • A small fire broke out in the basement of our client’s West London property on a Friday afternoon, with smoke particles eventually spreading through the home ventilation system causing million…

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