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Most family businesses will have non-family employees. Its therefore essential you have Employers Liability insurance in place to cover your legal and compensation costs.

Employers liability insurance will protect you:

  • In the event an employee tries to sue you for an accident suffered in the workplace
  • Against any claims made by a volunteer and apprentice whilst working for your company
  • From any property damage and personal injury you cause to a member of the public through your business activities. This could be damaging a client’s car, home or computer by mistake.

Risk Management

Employers liability insurance protects you from claims made not just by permanent members of staff but also trainees, volunteers and labour only subcontractors. Please make sure you accurately disclose your wage roll and the split between clerical and labour only employees. Finally, be aware that bona fide subcontractors using their own equipment and not under your direct supervision are not employees.

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