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Travel insurance programme tailored to the exact requirements of your company

Any family business will know that their staff are their most valuable asset. Similarly, staff can also be their biggest liability. If your employees are travelling overseas or even just an overnight stay in the UK, its important you look after them.

Our Clients can benefit from:

  • Employee cover for personal possessions
  • Weekly benefits for temporary, total or partial disablement
  • Personal Leisure Travel included for directors and their family
  • Business Travel cover for employees up to 85 years’ old

Risk Management

In this connected world, there is so much information available to us in real time in relation to travel, security and health hazards. Stanhope Cooper will take the time to understand the specific trips the company will be undertaking and advise on what precautions need to be taken in advance of travel. This will also allow us to select the most suitable group personal accident and business travel insurance programme which is tailored to the exact requirements of your company.

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