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Reduce your costs by managing all your vehicles on a single policy

Our motor fleet insurance is often very cost effective and is clearly a great employee benefit. The policy will require at least three vehicles to be insured and will cover your employees for their personal and business use. Their wives and children can also be insured provided it is for social domestic and pleasure activities only.

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Our Clients can benefit from:

  • New for old cover for vehicles under a year old where the damage exceeds 50% of the new list price of the vehicle
  • Medical expenses
  • Automatic policy cover within all EU countries
  • Private and Business Cars and Vans

Risk Management

The overriding temptation for many family businesses is to place their loved ones on the company fleet in order to simplify their lives and because it is often more cost effective. This is typically the right approach but if you are adding your children who have only recently passed their test, be mindful of the effect a substantial claim could have on the cost of the overall policy.

Also please bear in mind that a commercial motor fleet policy may not provide the same level of bespoke insurance cover and claims service that your high performance vehicles deserve.

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