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  • Property Development Insurance

    We provide a lifecycle insurance and risk management solution for property developers, contractors, and private clients. From planning, through to development and then as the finished article, we provide you with a seamless insurance programme to protect you throughout your project, brick by brick.

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  • Private Client Insurance

    Private client insurance allows individuals and families to live their lives in a fun, free and flexible way. Your buildings and contents, cars, jewellery, antiques and art can all be insured on one insurance programme, with one insurer and one renewal date.

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  • Family Business

    Family businesses are innovators and risk takers but their longevity is testament to an inherent desire to pass the baton on safely to the next generation. Family businesses have unique and specific requirements that differ to other companies. Your business is your family and your family is your business.

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Insurance is changing. Nowadays it's more about managing risk for our clients than telling them what insurance to buy. Smart technology devices in the home, healthcare and work can now be implemented at very reasonable costs which can significantly reduce premiums. Cyber is undoubtedly our greatest threat moving forward. Again this will be risk assessment led with reasonably priced insurance as a back up.

William Cooper, Managing Director


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