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Stanhope Cooper typically arranges Renovation Insurance cover on renovation works upwards of £1 million.

Renovation Insurance is essential for homeowners and property developers planning refurbishments, extensions or structural alterations to properties.

Every renovation project is different. At Stanhope Cooper, we provide tailored insurance cover to your project and your property. Our specialist renovation insurance brokers can give you flexible cover and substantially reduced premiums.

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Architect’s Quote Calculator

Our Architect’s Quote Calculator provides a quick, easy and accurate estimate of the final cost to insure your renovation project.

The calculator responds to your building reinstatement value, your location, listing grade, how you specify the construction as well as the option to insure your Own Plant and Contents. Adjustable options allow you to get an accurate estimate for the right level of cover.

We only ask 10 questions and there’s no obligation to accept the quote.

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Most property developers insure their project during the planning stage. Making sure you have renovation insurance from the start of your project will keep you covered should the worst happen.

Our Renovation Insurance cover can include:

Renovation can be a highly rewarding endeavour but also risky. Stanhope Cooper helps you manage the risk through every stage of your renovation project.

We keep everyone up to date by working with our client and their solicitor, architect, project manager and quantity surveyor. By ensuring everyone is informed with how the project is progressing, we can keep you fully covered as well as reduce your premiums.

As a Stanhope Cooper client you can also benefit from:

  • One policy covering existing structure and building works
  • Immediate compensation in the event of damage caused by contractor
  • Flexible cover to suit you and your property’s needs
  • Substantially reduced premiums
  • Keeping control by having one insurer covering you and your contractors
  • Comprehensive contents cover
  • Time saving features like our Quick Quote Calculator and Same Day Cover
  • UK-based support from our team of Renovation Insurance brokers
  • Expert advice to help you to get the most out of your insurance policy
  • Quotes offered from our elite panel of reputable insurers
  • All Risks Cover for your contractors
  • Our policies meet joint names requirement on JCT 6.5.1.

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