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Our high value home insurance protects your most valuable asset – your home

As a high value home insurance broker, we provide the highest quality buildings and contents insurance that gives you and your family protection and flexibility.

We understand the importance of protecting all the unique possessions that make house insurance, home insurance.

Your personal high value home insurance broker

At Stanhope Cooper our brokers work to make sure that you are not under-insured, or over-insured, but correctly insured. Always.

Our tailored home insurance is only available through our selected panel of insurers.  If the worst does happen you can rest assured, our expert Private Client team will guide you through the claims process every step of the way.

We’ll explain to you what is covered, what is not, and why.  Our clients rely on us to advise on and arrange the right type of insurance cover for their needs, and at a competitive price.

We help you plan for every potential risk.  From postcode specific crime statistics, through to emergency locksmiths and plumbers available throughout the night.

Reinstatement value for high value homes

From our experience the majority of high value homes are incorrectly valued before they reach us.  As a result they will typically be under-insured, but possibly over-insured, in the event of a claim.

Having an accurate reinstatement value for your home is of the utmost importance in ensuring that you will not lose out should the worst happen. We know that getting an accurate valuation of your home and valuables can be a challenge.  That is why Stanhope Cooper can offer:

  • A free desktop home valuation with every policy purchased
  • An insurance guaranteed rebuilding cost of your property
  • Access to leading surveyors, who can visit you in the comfort of your own home.

Worldwide contents cover

We provide worldwide cover for your valuables as standard, as well as offering like-for-like replacement or repair.  With Stanhope Cooper your watches, jewellery, handbags, fine art and antiques are covered no matter where you are in the world.

Our high value home insurance policies cover:

  • Prime and super prime residential property
  • Property in the UK, Europe and USA
  • UK-domiciled and non-domiciled clients
  • Family homes, investments, developments and renovations
  • Estates, country houses, heritage properties and listed buildings
  • Second homes
  • Holiday homes
  • Motor fleet
  • Property in flood risk areas through Flood Re (for more information on Flood Re visit our blog)

Collections Cover

Whatever your passion, we offer comprehensive insurance cover for your whole collection.  This can include everything from accidental damage, to damage in transit.

Stanhope Cooper provides cover for a whole host of client collections, including:

Is your collection growing?  We offer automatic acquisition cover to keep you protected.

Sold separately, specialist insurance such as this can be expensive.  At Stanhope Cooper, our high value home insurance covers all your valuables, thereby reducing the premium cost.

Why use an insurance broker?

Finding the correct level of insurance cover, at the optimum price can be difficult. At Stanhope Cooper we work on our client’s behalf to take the hassle out of insurance, and ensure that they have the right cover for their needs.

  • Market knowledge – Our expert team of brokers have extensive knowledge of the insurance market and the products available. Niche, and high value items require a high level of market-expertise. We work with an elite panel of insurers and are able to get access to products and deals that are not always available by going direct.
  • Unbiased advice – As an independent broker we are not aligned to any particular insurers. Having assessed your requirements, we can scour the market to find the cover that is right for you. Furthermore as an exclusively family-owned brokerage, we have no third-party shareholders to concern ourselves with. This means we can focus solely on the needs of our clients.
  • Guidance in the event of a claim – Should the worst happen, we offer guidance and support to our clients throughout the claims process. Making a claim can often be stressful. We’ll be there for you to liaise with insurers, to ensure that you get the best result possible.
  • Risk management – We provide access to expert valuers and surveyors, as well as market-leading security providers. This not only gives our clients added protection, but can lead to reduced premiums.

Plus with our Client Portal you can have all of your policy documents in one place, so you can access your insurance information at the click of a button. Policy documents are also available on the go, via the Stanhope Cooper app (Apple & Android)

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