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At the very start or very end of the property lifecycle, your building will typically be unoccupied pending renovation, sale or purchase.

Insurers don’t like protecting vacant buildings as they statistically lead to more claims. The premiums are more expensive and insurance coverage is restricted. We work with specialist insurance providers who will provide you with extended insurance cover, making sure your property is insured whilst it’s at its most vulnerable.

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Our clients will benefit from insurance with:

  • Subsidence, Escape of Water and Malicious damage cover included
  • 3, 6 or 12-month policy periods
  • Loss Payee and Non-Vitiation Clause
  • Includes cover for Furniture, Artworks, and Audio Visual

Unoccupied property Risk Management advice

When a property is unoccupied, you should either turn off the main stop cock and drain down the pipes and tanks or alternatively keep the heating on at no lower than 15 Degrees Celsius. This will remove any recognisable risk of water damage and should reduce the total premium.

Make sure someone can check on the property once a week and consider taking advantage of cost effective smart technology. Lights can now be turned off and on remotely through a smartphone app.


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