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Stanhope Cooper offers Non Negligence insurance for contract works over £1 million.

Non negligence insurance, also known as Party Wall insurance or Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT 6.5.1), gives home owners protection against damage to third party property.

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The rewards for undertaking basement conversions and works near the party wall are substantial. With the Royal Family investing in an iceberg basement under Kensington Palace, many developers are looking to dig down to uncover unexplored space in their properties. According to the ASUC (Association of Specialist Underpinning Contractors), basement conversions could increase London property value by almost 50%. Consequently, digging down presents a tantalising opportunity. 

However, neighbouring properties are likely to be disturbed by your building work. With works near the party wall, even with highly trained contractors, earth movement such as subsidence may occur. Non Negligence Insurance protects property owners should neighbouring underground excavations and underpinning become weakened or damaged.

The Party Wall Act (1996) states that property owners are legally liable for any third party damage caused which does not result from contractor negligence. For this reason, many property owners opt for their own Non Negligence policy rather than leaving the contractor to take out the policy. Stanhope Cooper helps you meet your obligations and offers expert advice to help you get substantially reduced premiums on your Non Negligence cover.

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In the majority of cases, the Contractor takes out Non Negligence Insurance on their employer’s behalf, to run alongside their public liability insurance. JCT clause 6.5.1 requires both contractor and employer’s names to be on the policy, to protect the property owner from party wall legislation. Occasionally, contractors avoid Non Negligence Insurance because it adds extra cost to their works without perceived benefit to them.

Stanhope Cooper adds considerable value as your appointed broker by liaising with the contractor and their own broker if needs be, to make sure they firstly have the correct Contractors All Risk Insurance in place and secondly that the correct Non Negligence Insurance is added to the main policy.

Non Negligence Insurance protects you against legal liability claims and losses arising from non-negligent injury as well as damage to your neighbour’s property due to:

  • Collapse
  • Subsidence
  • Heave
  • Vibration
  • Weakening or removal of support
  • Lowering of groundwater

Key benefits for clients

Stanhope Cooper is a specialist Non Negligence Insurance broker. Our expert Property Development team know the right insurers to talk to and the right questions to ask to get the most out of your cover.

We negotiate substantially reduced premiums for our clients by providing quotations from all leading providers and our panel of specialist non negligence insurers.

Liaising and negotiating with your contractors and your contractors’ brokers to match your cover is time-consuming. We do the leg work to ensure non negligence insurance that is tailored to you, your contractor and your property’s needs.

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You may not need Non Negligence Insurance

There are few exclusion cases when cover is not necessary:

  • Damage or loss resulting from contractor’s work (falls under Buildings Insurance/ Contract Works Insurance policy)
  • Injury, damage or loss due to contractor negligence
  • Damage or loss resulting from the design of the works (falls under Designer’s Professional Indemnity policy)
  • Unavoidable minor damage as a result of the works (uninsurable risk)
  • Damage to your own building (covered by renovation insurance)

Contact our expert Property Development team today! We can tell you in minutes whether you would benefit from Non Negligence Insurance.

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How we work

After your call, we collect all the necessary information to tailor cover to you and your property. We also offer a complimentary review of the basement contractor’s insurance when you insure through us. Our specialist Property Development team work closely with your Party Wall Surveyor to detect risk factors before they become an issue. We can attend site surveys on your behalf to ensure the best results. We are with you every step of the way. So in the event of a claim, we handle the claims process on your behalf to ensure the maximum compensation and minimal nuisance. Non Negligence Insurance is a significant risk management tool for the property owner.

Questions we will ask during your call:

  • Risk information relating to the buildings e.g. When was the property built?
  • Contractor details 
  • Details of the location of works
  • Contract value broken down into various elements
  • Period of contract
  • Description of works
  • Foundation details
  • Description of Party Wall and surrounding property
  • Details of any demolition

If you are unable to answer the questions, we can send your structural engineer a proposal form to fill in on your behalf. We will also require supporting documentation and we will advise you on these during your call.

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