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Protect your business against unforeseen dangers in the build phase

A great number of building contracting firms are family run and owned. We make sure you are insured only by recognised construction and engineering insurance companies, with a proven record of settling claims fairly and efficiently.

Our Contractors All Risks insurance polices provide you with cover for:

  • Material damage
  • Business interruption
  • Employers and Public liability
  • Goods in transit
  • Money
  • Waiver of subrogation against Subcontractors where required (JCT compliant)

Risk Management

This perhaps more than any other industry requires a robust risk management programme. There are inherent and unforeseen dangers in the build phase of any project and mitigation of these will provide the framework for a successful and safe project. We will review your insurance programme and that of any sub-contractors. We make sure you fully understand what you are insuring against and why. Contractors’ insurance programmes often have alarming omissions, e.g. most contractors working in residential development do not have the all-important non-negligence insurance extension to their policy, even though their work often includes basement conversions.

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