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When health issues arise, knowing that you have access to quick diagnosis and treatment is what matters most.

When health issues arise, knowing that you’re able to get a prompt diagnosis and the very best treatment available is what matter most.  Private health insurance for you and your family can provide that reassurance.

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Private medical insurance can be difficult to navigate. The complicated nature of plans and the varying degrees of cover means that comparing providers and policy options can be tough.

Stanhope Cooper can help. Our specialist private healthcare insurance brokers know the market and can tailor cover to suit your needs.  Plus with a dedicated broker, you know that you have support at hand to guide you through the claims process should the worst happen.

What is private health insurance?

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Private medical insurance (PMI) is designed to cover the costs incurred by private healthcare. This will cover you for diagnosis and treatment of disease, illness or injury that develop after your policy begins.  Although most pre-existing conditions would be excluded from cover, we can in some instances get these included (depending on the condition, whether it is controlled, and how long it has been since diagnosis).

The level of cover available can vary, and is dependent on the type of policy you have. Most providers broadly offer three types of healthcare insurance: Basic, mid-range, and comprehensive.

All three options will generally cover any inpatient treatment, where you are required to stay in hospital – either as a day patient or overnight. Where they differ is the level of outpatient support provided (eg. Scans, consultations, tests, rehabilitation etc.).  Comprehensive health insurance tends to cover all outpatient treatment in full.

What health insurance is right for you?

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Private medical insurance policies can vary depending on excess options and no-claims discounts, have different levels of cancer cover, plus options on hospital networks. On top of this your medical history and current condition will be considered.  Very few people know exactly what they need from their policy, and that’s why we are here to help.

At Stanhope Cooper, we will give you unbiased advice on your healthcare insurance. We look to establish your individual requirements so that we can accurately recommend the insurer and cover that suits you best.

Plus as your dedicated health insurance broker, our work doesn’t stop once your cover is taken out. We review your policy each time it comes up for renewal to assess whether it is still the best option.  And of course, you can be assured that should the worst happen we will guide you through the claims process and work with your insurer on your behalf.

Our focus is you.

Here to help when you need it most

  • A dedicated private medical insurance broker
  • Specialist, independent and unbiased advice
  • A free, no obligation health insurance quote
  • An accurate recommendation of the market based on your circumstances
  • Mediation with insurers on your behalf as and when needed
  • Guidance and support through the claims process
  • A thorough review of policy options at each renewal


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