Home and Away

Our client’s home was broken into with the main door smashed and the car keys were stolen. But the biggest issue is that the client was living abroad at the time and so nobody in the UK could respond.

Benefits of a specialist broker 

1. We represented the client and organised a boarding company to do an emergency repair on the door.

2. We had the car towed to a safe compound to avoid it being stolen.

3. We arranged for the car to then be towed to a specialist garage where the locks were replaced as a preventative measure.

4. The car was then returned safely to the property.

5. Once the client was back in the UK we negotiated the type of replacement door – there is now a far more robust door in place.

Without a broker 

In this situation, the client would have been really stuck and the car would have potentially been stolen. Most of this activity occurred at the weekend!

Success stories

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