Aggravated Burglary in North West London

Settled Amount: £2,030,248

In the run up to Christmas, our client suffered from a traumatic aggravated burglary whilst at home and 4.25 million pounds worth of jewellery was taken from the safe. Unfortunately the perpetrator escaped despite the presence of CCTV and Security.

Benefits of an experienced broker

The incident occurred on a Sunday morning and we were notified in the afternoon.
The client went abroad to recover from the trauma.

  1. Stanhope Cooper advised on securing the property and placing additional security guards onsite.
  2. We made sure that the client received the very best settlement based on what they had insured.
  3. An extra £800,000 was received by the client thanks to both Stanhope Cooper and our insurance partner.
Without a broker

Unfortunately despite our warnings, the client did not have any up to date jewellery valuations and had only specified an insurable amount of £815,851 and an unspecified amount of £1,204,397. The actual amount was several million more than this!

The insurance company was only required to pay out the specified amount in this particular case but due to our long-standing relationship with the insurer and the very unfortunate and unseeing nature of the claim, we were able to negotiate a settlement for both the specified and unspecified amounts at a total of £2,020,248.

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