Fire in West London Mansion

Settled amount: £16,300,000

The Details

What Happened?

A small fire broke out in the basement of our client’s West London property on a Friday afternoon, with smoke particles eventually spreading through the home ventilation system causing million of pounds worth of damage.

Benefits of an experienced broker

Stanhope Cooper made sure the family were safe, the property secure and worked over night and during the weekend.

  1. We brought in a Loss Assessor to represent our client
  2. We recommended a property search agent to find alternative accommodation
  3. We introduced a plethora of restoration experts and forensics

The family were relocated to a suitable nearby Knightsbridge home within just 12 days. Our partner network and know how provided our client with the best possible protection and solution to a frightening and shocking event.

Without a broker

A claim of this size and complexity, where forensics are involved, required the assistance of a Loss Assessor. Being an independent and family owned company, we did not hesitate to put our clients first and introduce a Loss Assessor, to negotiate head to head with the Insurance Companies Loss Adjustor, for the most advantageous claim settlement.

A general insurance broker would not typically offer a service outside the standard Monday to Friday, 9-5. Not ideal, as modern life is now 24/7.

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